Jenna Glatt at the Smiling Buddha

The performance by Jenna Glatt at the Smiling Buddha on December 6th, 2014 in Toronto, Ontario was exceptional. Originally from Ottawa, Ontario Jenna brings personable small town appeal from the nation’s capital to the big city of Toronto! She has also been writing and recording music in Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles, and New York City, with live performances in Houston and NYC as well. By the performance start the venue was close to capacity. Jenna’s manager Richard Lawrence was in attendance and coordinating the event. I only caught part of the performance Dwayne Morgan and the DNA project which had preceded Jenna’s performance but the soliloquy poem he performed was fairly risqué if that’s the right word. The DNA project also provided musical support for Jenna and they were soulful and classy. As a unit they displayed both diversity and musical acumen. Jenna’s set once it started included: We are the Champions, Bring it Back, Let Me Be, Good Time, Deep In Love, Butterfly, How Do We Know, Cry, It’s the Little Things, High Beams, My Man, No Drama, Pending Love, Tonight and Numb. The crowd was engaged and electrified ! Music was R n B / pop ! IMG_20141206_195041