Jennie Laws

Cruised by the Supermarket in Toronto, Ontario on the evening of August 10th, 2014. Every table of the back room performance area was filled. The crowd was composed. My friend and I had arrived part way into the first song. Jennie Laws was center stage and her supporting band was in full effect. Unusually for an indie / pop act she had violin and viola players in tow along side a percussionist, keyboardist and a guitarist. Jennie’s cover of Counting Stars by One Republic was the only cover for the evening. Following that Jennie broke into a string of original love songs which included Your Love, More Than I Can Stand, Heavenly, Right Here and finally When You Love Someone. Jennie made this last song highly interactive by getting the audience to sing a variation on the chorus which was complimentary to her emotion charged efforts. Jennie punctuated some songs during the performances with artistic poses and this added another unique feature to the show. She introduced the acoustic band members towards the end of the show and they included: Michael Shand on keys, Geoff Willingham on guitar, Derek Thorne on percussion, Andrea DeBoer on violin and Irina Koroleva on viola. They worked well as a team and Jennie’s voice was on point at all times. Sound was clear to the credit of Supermarket’s sound system and technical support. There was an organic ambiance to this show leaving the listener with fond memories.