Ania J, Singer for Fashion TV

I had been watching Fashion TV (FTV) via a newly acquired IPTV connection and, had noticed commercials for their initial coin offering (ICO). It was a music video I saw several times. Dug deeper and learned more about the offering and also, researched the artist behind the music video. Learned her name was Ania J and decided to reach out over social about the idea of writing a blog post. Thankfully she agreed ! Was excited as this was my first international and, non-Canada-based artist although, was to learn she has a strong Canadian connection ! Grew up in Kitchener ! Grew up on Hip Hop such that, even today her dog’s name is Biggie ! Was also to learn that Ania even went to dance hall parties growing up ! Her dad was a huge Beatles fan so, she heard a lot of them also…

Ania left Ontario at seventeen for New York with a modelling contract and then came back to Toronto and then was chosen from Elite models (out of 38 girls) to rep Canada then, came back and worked in Toronto as a model and then, went to Vienna to an agency called Stella models Europe in 2001. Ania had actually met Stella in New York. In Vienna Ania was chosen by Flash models from Milan and later also joined Elite model in Milan. Hanging with the modelari at this time, often at a club called Tocqueville, Ania got to meet a number of celeberaties such as Skin, Boy George, REM. Initially focused on modelling however, she harbored a secret desire to get behind the microphone ! It later came to an apex when she was at hanging with the modelari at a gig of Dj Joe T Vannelli and demanded the mike and started toasting the crowd asking “what’s up all you sexy mofos !!!!! Ahahaaahh.” Her colleagues were like “What ?” But club owner Luigi loved it adding, “Bring her anytime !” She did this repeatedly and then said she required they pay her. Ania was unique in that she started off as a rapper / toaster but transitioned into singing. First singing performance was at an Andrew Mackenzie after party with Boy George in Milan’s Gasoline gay club where a chance encounter with Kirk Pickersgill from D Squared lead to her gaining a fixture at Chandlier club in Milan in around 2002 until 2013. In 2010 she joined Florence-based , Italian house music duo Super Nova starting with a collaboration on the song Rock You.

Ania initially met the founder of FTV Michel Adam in London in 2001 at a Jamiroquai after party when he was just starting out and, she had just come to Europe from Canada for modelling. He founded FTV in 1997. They both shared Polish background and hit it off right away ! She was familiar with FTV seeing it played in her gym in Milan and, she imagined herself working there until her dream was realized ! Her dream was realized in 2006 when re-connected with Michel Adam at an event where she had been singing on his yacht in Porte Cervo, Sardinia and, since then has worked for him until today. She has became the voice of FTV. In her role with FTV she travels the world inclulding far away places like Macow, Shangai, Gwanzo and, Hong Kong. Like most artists, Ania is self-employed and, at some point during her time with FTV she switched from full to part-time modeling partly, to make more room for her musical role ! She also cut down on partying at some point such that now she strictly works 24 – 7 !

When writing songs for FTV, Michel Adam would give topics to write about and Ania would create and perform the song – writing the lyrics and often writing the music also using the piano. Songs born in this way have included: Trillionaire, Fashion is My Religion, Fashion Queen and, Crypto Millionaire. I asked why the title Trillionaire to which Ania replied “There are already a lot of Billionaires so, Michel Adam and I decided on Trillionaire.” Snoop Dogg is featured as a guest on one of her videos for the song ! Ania related how he had been spinning at an FTV after-party and decided to film the clip with Ania after hearing the song ! FTV has used this clip in the official video. She is currently working under the FTV banner on the soundtrack for a movie called Falcon Man starring Jean – Claude Van Damme. In particular, she is working on the theme song using piano and voice.

One of Ania’s latest, completely independent songs was performing vocals for Italian Dj Martine’s track ‘Stay.’ She also sang Fergie for the Black Eyed Peas at Just Cavali. Casino online wants to utilize three of Ania’s songs for gaming. On the evening of the day of our interview, Ania was leaving to play a private party in Milan. Ania along with being an independent artist organizes events. She does both private and FTV gigs and festivals “But always represents (FTV)” ! She travels a lot within Europe to perform gigs and was booked to travel in the days after the interview. Since the interview, Ania has travelled to Dubai (4 seasons NYE party with FTV), all over Italy, Venice, Rome, Milan, Poland, Tel Aviv, New York, Eliat in Israel, etc… Ania says she doesn’t even remember all the places she’s been since ! Ania related how she also sang for the ambassador and businessman Paulo Zampoli’s birthday in New York for the past three years. Ania J’s current genre influences come from: pop , club music, hip hop and rock but sometimes go far beyond e.g. jazz and classical. Some of her favoriate artists and bands include: the Beatles, Depeche Mode, Laura Pergolizzi, Prince, Michael Jackson, Madonna (everyone loves Ania’s cover of La Isla Bonita), Sia, Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, Metallica, Queen, Amy Winehouse, Adele, Whitney Houston, Gweyn Stefani, Marilyn Monroe, Sarah Vogan, Eartha Kitt, Nina Simone, Ed Sheeran, Pharrell, Guns and Roses and many more ! She loves all types of music and influenced by many different sounds. She also loves Beyonce, Rhianna and Missy Elliot (whom she actaully met backstage at a Versace show – picture to come) ! Even loves some country acts such as Garth Brookes, Dolly Parton and Gwen and Blake.

Outside of work life, Ania is a Dog lover. I got to meet Biggie J a blue Chihuahua and, she uses social media to support three kennels. Believing in animal rights, she doesn’t use real fur and, is careful about what she eats ! From this it is clear Ania has a big heart alongside being musically talented ! She is now even organizing benefit shows to raise money for shelters.