Toronto Open Mike Night with Zameer, Dead Shyre and LXRY

Caught up with Asian Canadian Rock artist Zameer Saturday November 9th, 2013 at an open mike he was hosting held at The 460 at Spadina and College in Toronto, Canada. Managed to catch most of Zameer’s set which included the following originals: With You , All That You Want, Heed, Loco , Oh Yea, Yo, Burn My Bridges, Amalgam Observatory. It was interesting to see the diversity of the audience. The band had a good energy and played well together. Unfortunately I missed the open mike portion but did manage to catch some of each of the sets of the other two featured bands of the evening: Dead Shyre and LXRY. Dead Shyre set had more of an edge to it. A little hard core for the uninitiated but definitely had something to offer any grunge fans in attendance. They seemed to mellow a bit towards the end of their set towards a Zepplin vibe. LXRY was a bit more alternative with basically two band members on stage including the quitar wielding Asian Canadian singer song writer LXRY and her supporting drummer. LXRY’s soliloquies told a story partly through creative use of vocal intonation.